Vilece Personnel

Frank Vilece

Owner / Operator

Elizabeth Vilece

Accounting / Administration

Jay Cusimano

Advanced tech and installation

Douglas Beney

Advanced tech and installation

Larry Romaine

Advanced tech and installation

Nick Weil

Web design and app specialist

Doreen Paul

Administration and scheduling

Karlo Navas

Advanced Tech and Installation

Oscar Chavez

Oscar Chavez

Advanced tech and installation

Oscar began with Vilece in 1999 and is one of our head location specialists. His ability to be patient and understanding with our clients compliments the computer science degree he holds. But Oscar is also very good at getting the job done quickly and efficiently only utilizing what’s necessary in many cases. ┬áHe also can explain and advise our clients in lay-mans terms much of what he does making it very easy for our clients to determine what’s right for their business. Oscar is an invaluable addition to Vilece.